13 August, 2012

Beautifull Fanservice~


Sanaka (Moran,Fatima) & Ichiro (Jils,DasVasser)


Hier ein mega schönes Random Pic von Taka (Defspiral *_*)
> <

Twitter Stories : Play me like your Bass (Perv Mizuki & Rui)

Okay , dass musste ich einfach reinstellen weil es einfach zu genial ist x'''D *dies*
Rui und Mizuki werden wieder einmal pervers . . .  ='3

Mizuki (Sadie): Won't anyone become my masseur.(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ)

I would like to employ you for everything from my face to my whole body. (/ _ ; )

Rui (SCREW): ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ

-- OK, this emoticon does say it all, no? Let's keep on reading!

Mizuki: Make my body your bass! \(//∇//)
Rui: Do you desire a play style involving licking? ლ(・ω・ლ)

Mizuki: You say this despite it still being noon... (laughs)

Rui: Isn't it usually late-night for us anyway? ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ

-- A wild hash-tag appears reading "Purity"

Rui: It's just what I've been called for... #Purity

 Ken (AND): Me, too. It called for me!

Ryoga (BORN): Dirty talk is the worst and so foul.

Ken: Ryo-kun joined us! (laughs)

TOMO (BORN): Shut up! You walking perverts~( ̄^ ̄)

Rui: Excuse me, as I have a strong dislike for dirty talk, would you please not draw me in on that?

TOMO: Again and again... (laughs)

Rui: Sorry, I think I just told the biggest lie in my whole life. ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ

Ryoga: TOMO-san is going to burst from dirty talk in the dressing room today. (>.<)

TOMO: Could you please use an emoticon that tells me, it's a joke?

-- Too bad, TOMO, I guess your fate has been decided! I guess if you want to read something "pure" drop in on RUKI's (the GazettE) and Riuki's (VelBet) talk on roller coasters. Here you have none of it...ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ (laughs)


Shut up you walking perverts XDDD
OMG , ich will nicht wissen was Rui und Mizuki
sonst noch so alles geschrieben/ (er weiss vielleicht auch gemacht ?) xD haben ~
Kawaii, kawaii  \(//∇//)

Source : MJP

Twitter Stories : English Test !

Wieder etwas was unsere süßen J-Rocker so twittern xD

[Level 1]

Manabu (SCREW): in hotel now!!!zzzzz.... Correct: I'm in the hotel now! I'm sleeping...
-- Yeah, we're picky, but he got across what he wanted to say.

Daiki (LOST ASH): wait,please! Correct: Wait, please!
-- Not quite the longest sentence, but still, the use of the comma was correct.

[Level 2]
KAMIJO (Versailles): I rearranged a certain song. It's very romantic! Good night honey
Correct: Good night, honey.
-- Punctuation is quite difficult, but the sentence structure is good.

Mizuki (Sadie): Hi! I just want to say hi to the boobs all over the world! Are you guys doing great?
-- Technically neither grammar not spelling are wrong... however...HOWEVER!!!!... you get the point, right?

Takeru (SuG): I will upload movie of Lollipop Kingdom for Youtube tomorrow. I try to English a little lol. Please RT!! See u tomorrow!!
Correct: I will upload the movie of Lollipop Kingdom for YouTube tomorrow. I try to speak English a little. lol Please re-tweet! See you tomorrow.
-- Certainly 'I try to English a little' is quite a cute expression, isn't it. (laughs)

Nimo (A): Recently a little bit alcohol makes my head spin..Im waiting for my last train to go my home!Take care, me!lol
Correct: Recently a little bit of alcohol makes my head spin. I'm waiting for my last train to go home! Take care, me! Lol
-- At this point we shall not fret over grammar but be grateful that Japan is a rather safe country and Nimo made it home safely. (laughs)


Was Mizuki mit seinem >sinnvollen< Satz sagen will ?
xD Vielleicht ware r ja betrunken oder so O_o xD
Aber Takeru hat auf jeden Fall eines der niedlichsten
English~Aussprachen ~:

I try to English a little

Aww das ist jetzt wohl einer meiner Lieblingssätze geworden xD
Werd's wohl auch selbst benutzen =P

Und Manabu hat es sich mit dem ''zzzzz'' ganz einfach
gemacht XD
Kawaii ~~~<3

Random Stuff : Sincrea Photoshoot 2008

 Hier der MJP Link zu einem richtig gelungenem SINCREA Photoshoot *O*
KAZI ! =3



Und wieder einmal eine Bandvorstellung ~ !
Diesmal über Sincrea .
SINCREA ist eine Band aus der Präfektur Osaka , dei momentan auch die Heimatstadt
jeder der 4 Member ist .
Hal (Vocal), Hiro (Bass) , Tomo (Guitar) und Kazi (Drums) gingen zusammen zur selben
Highschool .
Zusammen hatten sie auch schon ein paar Performances an der Highschool .
Als sie alle 18 Jahre alt waren trennte sich die Band .
2005 jedoch kam die Gruppe wieder zusammen .

Members :

Hal (Vocal)
Tomo (Guitar)
Hiro (Bass)
Kazi (Drums)

Ein Song : SINCREA "光"

Hört sich schon sehr schön an =3
nach 2010 hat man auch nichts mehr so richtig von der Band gehört udn sie gab ihre Trennung bekannt .

Twitter Stories : Everyone Wants Aoi-Nii-san!

Es ist einfach zu cool was J-Rocker so twittern xD

Diesmal geht's um die Two Man Tour die BORN und MEJIBRAY im September zusammen bestreiten werden *O* (MEJIBORN zusammen auf Tour ? Ein Traum *_________* !)
gastaufrtitt : Ko-Ki (ViViD) XD

-- In September BORN and MEJIBRAY will be holding a two-man show for the PS COMPANY event "Chichuu Roukaku", but it seems someone forgot to get a ticket...not that that's a problem if your name is Aoi of the GazettE and such...

Ryoga (BORN): Oh, there are already no more tickets for the two-man show... did you all get to buy them?

Aoi (the GazettE): I couldn't buy one. (´っω;`)

MiA (MEJIBRAY): @ Aoi If you have time, please come and watch. We'd be happy. We also take any advice you might have.

Aoi: @ Aoi Since Ryoga isn't inviting me, can I get a MEJIBRAY backstage pass?

MiA: Yes! Also, is it OK, if I come to watch your lives to learn in the future?

-- Everyone wants Aoi at their show, of course. We do not know what happened to Ryoga, why he didn't invite Aoi, but when he noticed he of course couldn't stand back behind his band buddy.
Ryoga: Well, there is this thing called guest pass... I'll be waiting for Aoi-san!!!

-- See, Ryoga wouldn't miss a chance to have his Sempais around when playing. (At this point we shall "not" mention, that he would have probably not let MiA invite the GazettE's member if it had been RUKI asking...) Good thing that BORN and MEJIBRAY are getting along nicely. They had planned this out from a previous encounter... Do you remember?

MiA: Btw. Thanks for the other day! I'll be counting on you for the two-man. m(_ _)m Also, let's make it an exciting event!

Ryoga: Same here! m(_ _)m Let's hit it!

MiA: Let's do it! It would be nice if we could do a session, too. ♡

Ryoga: That would be interesting. Let's think about something. (laughs)

MiA: I would like to perform the new MEJIBORN song "Sabajin ni Notte"...!

 -- And suddenly there was another person having an opinion...

Ko-ki (ViViD): Doooo iiiit!!! (laughs)

MiA: If we are told this by Ko-ki, we can not NOT do it! (∩`ω) Please take part in it, too!!

-- And from there the discussion went into broadening the name "MEJIBORN" further, to have all guests included, which songs to play and Tsuzuku and Ryoga engaged in another lyrics session...


Kann mein Tag noch besser werden ? XD
OMG J-Rocker sind einfach zu niedlich  >ω<

Twitter Stories : From Birthday Wishes to Dirty Old Men Talk...

So die nächste Twitter Story xD
Es geht um Kazuki's und Reika's Birthday weil die zwei ja am selben Tag Geburtstag gefeiert haben ^-^

-- So Kazuki from SCREW and Reika from D=OUT are sharing their birthdays on August 5th! And while things started out harmlessly with birthday wishes from their band mates it all turned a different direction, when Mizuki butted it...

Byo (SCREW): Kazuki HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natsuka (VelBet): Kazuki, Congratulations!!!! We'll celebrate with some body exercise next time! (*´∇`*)

Kazuki: Thank you! I'd like to see that exercise immediately. (laughs)

Natsuka: Soon! (laughs) Give your best at the live!

-- OK, now it was you thinking in a different direction here!! tehehehe But you can just join Mizuki then. XD

Mizuki (Sadie): In that sense Reikazuki, congrats congrats!

Reika (D=OUT) Thank you dirty boy.

Mizuki: Please spend your day according to how a dirty person would do it! m(_ _)m
Reika: Huh? I don't really know what that means?

Mizuki: Don't lie!

Reika: ♪(´ε` )

-- So Reika is whistling himself out of the affair...? And Kazuki?

Kazuki: Thank you dirty boy from the west!!

Mizuki: Please spend your day more perverted than ever! m(_ _)m

Kazuki: Well, it was an awesomely perverted day. (laughs)


Okay this made my day too XD
Mizuki wünscht Reika und Kazuki einen perversen Tag ? O_o
HaiHai xD
Was die wohl angestellt haben . . .
Reikazuki => ist mir nie aufgefallen aber Mizuki hat sich
soeben das beste Pairing ever aus zwei verschiedenen bands ausgesucht xD
Reikazuki sind auch schon gleich die Zwei Namen in eienm Wort ^-^

Twitter Stories : Love is in the Air : The usual suspects and virgin Mizuki !

Hier ein Tweet über SCREW und Sadie die vor kurzem ja auch erst dieses niedliche Fanservice Bild veröffentlicht haben ~ <3

Die Tweets werden hauptsächlich von Rui (SCREW) und Mizuki (Sadie) geführt *O*
Plus ein Mini Tweet von Aoi von GazettE xD

MJP Twitter Stories: Love is in The Air! The Usual Suspects and Virgin Mizuki!

-- Recently the compilation "V-ANIME ROCKS" has been released and for the occasion a special NicNico Nama program had been aired, inviting four bands who contributed to the sampler. Among them where the usual suspects of "inter-band affairs" SCREW and Sadie, with the usual perv-...uhm...representatives Byo, Rui, Mao and Mizuki. And from the very beginning it was LOVE all over the place!

Rui (SCREW): (The program) seems to become fun, right? (^_^)/ (laughs) These four are aligned in a public place!!!!!

Mizuki (Sadie): We have to hold ourselves back on dirty talk. (^0^)/

Rui: It must not even appear a little bit. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

-- Uhm...this must have been really hard. Rui also tweeted with regard to Byo and Mao: "I need to shut my mouth with gum-tape to not say anything perverted."...and eventually it didn't last...

Rui: (The program) starts soon!!

Mizuki: As for me, I am a NicoNama virgin. Please be gentle. m(_ _ )m

-- There we go...and then it simply escalated.

Rui: Thank you for your first time.

Mizuki: It was rough. *heart*

-- At this point you can think all you want and in any direction, but be aware that that is exactly what those guys are aiming for. They know what you are thinking... (O___O)
Also, don't miss the "Love Love Couple" all parties involved posted that day within the same instant. (^^;) Kissing overload!!


Aoi (the GazettE): (*゚艸゚*) ← This makes me only see Mizuki. Getting in trouble, IN TROUBLE.

-- Well, maybe that is how Mizuki gets people convinced he is such an innocent person. We shall not believe him though! His Twitter is proof enough! (*゚艸゚*)


Kyaaaaa !!!!!!
This made my day =D
OMG wie kawaii und niedlich x3
Lol Rui muss aufpassen nichts perverses zu schreiben ^0^

[Style Council Vol.99] VelBet Vo. Riuki

Style Council vol. 99
Diesmal mit Riuki, Vocalist von VelBet :3
In meinen Cure Zeitschriften die ich ahbe ist jeweils ein Style Council mit Hal (Ex Juliadoll) und Syu (Called Plan) drinnund bisjetzt finde ich das Riuki ohne Make up am besten aussieht ! =D


[Base Makeup]
1.-No Make Up-

2.Apply A、B (toner), and C (milk lotion)

3.Massage entire face for a sharper look.

4.Apply sun lotion D

5.Apply foundation E

6Powder face with F

7.Apply shading from temples to lower jaw line*

8.Accentuate eyebrows with G

9.Shadow sides of nose with G

※Make Up Tools
A.Mitsuyoshi Last Lotion (Make up remover)
B.Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Toner)
C. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Milk Lotion
D.ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen
E.RMK Creamy Foundation 102 & 104
F.CHACOTT For Professionals Finishing Powder
G.INTEGRATE Eyebrow and Eye Shadow BR731

[Eye Makeup]

10.Line eyes completely using eyeliner H

11.Apply black eye shadow I over eyeliner

12.Key Point
Apply black eye shadow I over the entire eyelid and blend using the 4 shades of brown J

13.Curl eyelashes with eyelash curler, then apply mascara K

14.Apply fake lashes. (For lower lashes, place them from the outside corner until about the middle of eye.)

15.Eyes Complete!

※Make Up Tools
H.MAYBELLINE Eye Studio Lasting Drama ™ Gel Eyeliner #950BLACKEST BLACK
I.M・A・C Small Eye Shadow Carbon
J.Stila/M・A・C Small Eye Shadow
K.MAYBELLINE Volum'Express Hypercurl Waterproof 01 BLACK

16.Apply highlighter to: T-zone・Underneath eyes・Jaw・Upper lip


18.Change of clothes

[Hair styling]

19.Flatten all hair with a hair straightener.

20.While teasing hair, spray hairspray L over those areas.

※Make Up Tools
L. Cape Super Hard (hairspray)

21.【right side】Rub hair tips together and angle outwards.

22.Key Point:
【left side】Twirl tips in various directions to add depth and texture to the style
 ※Key Point for SEXINESS!

23.Using a cotton swab, apply black eye shadow I to the whole upper lip and the outer edges of lower lip. Apply lip gloss M to lower lip.


※Make Up Tools
M.NARIS UP Lip Care Essence UV

Hair&Make up:井上佳代(Kayo Inoue)

SuG's current Look ~!

Der >>neue<< SuG Look ist soo awesome *o*
Die Pics und Steckbriefe zu jedem Member jetzt =3

Name : takeru
Part : Vocal
Blood type : O
Birthday : May 11th
Height : 162cm
Weight : 49kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : watching a movie, Shopping, searching beautiful things
Favorite brand : MALKOMALKA, PhilipBrown, ktz, bernhard willhelm, galaxxxy, GUT'S, DYNAMITE CABARETS, LINDA, SLY, SPX, LOS VEGA, NEW ERA
Perfume : BOUDOIR
Favorite word : 泰山北斗(TAIZAN HOKUTO)
Message : show me your charming smile only toward to me♪
 Name : masato
Part : Guitar
Blood type : A
Birthday : May 26th
Height : 167cm
Weight : 51kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : to view a landscape from my transportation.
Favorite brand : DRESS CAMP, DITA
Perfume : Pink Sugar
Favorite word : a dream and a hope
Message : Let's laughs out together and enjoy wonderful time!
Name : yuji
Part : Guitar
Blood type : B
Birthday : October 21st
Height : 168cm
Weight : 52kg
Foot size : 26.5cm
Hobby : reading a comic book、playing game
Favorite brand : Nintendo, Gibson, Fender, PRS
Perfume : None
Favorite word : なぞいでんし(nazo idenshi), 安全第一(anzen dai-ichi)
Message : Let's have a fun☆
 Name : Chiyu
Part : Bass
Blood type : O
Birthday : December 27th
Height : 174cm
Weight : 56kg
Foot size : 27.5cm
Hobby : Shopping, billiards, and boring
Favorite brand : PPFM, RUPERT, PATRICK COX, GUCCI, Justin Davis
Perfume : BVLGARI pour Homme
Favorite word : 成せば成る☆(naseba naru)
Message : welcome to a fatal community [yah]♪
Name : shinpei
Part : Drum
Blood type : O
Birthday : March 20th
Height : 158cm
Weight : 40kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : to take a nap
Favorite brand : Vivienne Westwood, PPFM
Favorite word : 習うより慣れろ (narauyori narero)
Message : Nice to meet you! Please give your support☆

SuG sehen alle mal wieder so genial aus ~<3
Ich weiss, früher war Chiyu mein absoluter Liebling aber jetzt ist es ganz klar Yuji =3
SuG sind meine Liebstze Oshare Kei Band die anscheinend anfängt ihren Musikstil ein wenig zu ändern
(Siehe die Fat into a Horror Preview *O*)
SO und SuG wird wohl auch einer der Bands sein die ich für immer Lieben werde weil sie eben auch einer meiner ersten waren und über sie handelte auch mein erster Post auf der KVK Seite =D
Schöne Erinnerungen~~~

Jin's Ameblo Post 11.08.2012

Really beautifull pic of Jin x3 ~~~<3

$SCREW ジンオフィシャルブログ 俺はこんなもんじゃねぇ Powered by Ameba

TOP 5 : J-Rock Bassists

Eine neue TOP 5 Liste über meine Lieblingsbassisten =3

~ TOP 5 ~

5. Mio (Ex Lycaon)

 4. Takafumi (MoNoLith)
 3. Koichi (MEJIBRAY)

2. Reita (the GazettE)

1. Rui (SCREW)

Zu meiner Liste :

Mio ehemaliger Bassist von Lycaon auf Platz 5 :3
Hai ich habe ihn nicht vergessen .
Sein und Eve's Leave aus der Band haben mich schon getroffen T^T
Auch wenn Mio bisjetzt noch keine Sessionband hat (Ich hoffe er findet noch eine O.o !)
ist er trotzdem in der Liste meiner Lieblingsbassisten dabei =3
Schade aber , dass sogar sein Ameblo gelöscht wurde. . . .

Auf Platz 4 Takafumi von MoNoLith ^V^
Er ist einfach zu kawaii und die Band an sich schon etwas sehr besonderes wegen der zwei Vocals .

Nummer 3. ist Koichi von MEJIBRAY *O*  <3
MEJIBRAY einer meiner absoluten Lieblings~Newcomer 。。。

Reita Mr. Noseband auf Platz 2 x3
Er ist einfach Reita, den jeder J-Rock Fan kennt xD
Der Typ mit Nasenband <3

Und die 1. ist ....
RUI ! ! !
SCREW dürfen nicht fehlen  (´・∀・`) !!
Okay zugegebeben am Anfang war er nicht so mein Liebling ~ ^-^
Aber habe mich an ihn gewöhnt und nun finde ich auch das er klasse zu SCREW passt .
(Ausserdem sein neuer kurzer Haarschnitt ist so awesome *0* !)

Weitere Listen folgen sicher ! ・~ ・


Heute hat keita von MoNoLith Geburtstag =D

Logo & Banner

Ich habe mich mal rangsetzt und ein paar Rohschnitte von der  Kazumiku VK Seite gemacht =3
Die neue Abkürzung ist KVK was für KAZUMIKU VISUAL KEI steht :3

Ich glaube mir gefällt das letzte am Besten ^__^
Aber ich bin noch dabei es zu bearbeiten~
ist auch gar nicht so schwer
Falls es wirklich blöd aussehen sollte, Bescheid sagen ^.~

Und hier mein erster KVK Banner Versuch =D
 Das was da Unten blinkt soll -Rock heissen xD