13 August, 2012

[Style Council Vol.99] VelBet Vo. Riuki

Style Council vol. 99
Diesmal mit Riuki, Vocalist von VelBet :3
In meinen Cure Zeitschriften die ich ahbe ist jeweils ein Style Council mit Hal (Ex Juliadoll) und Syu (Called Plan) drinnund bisjetzt finde ich das Riuki ohne Make up am besten aussieht ! =D


[Base Makeup]
1.-No Make Up-

2.Apply A、B (toner), and C (milk lotion)

3.Massage entire face for a sharper look.

4.Apply sun lotion D

5.Apply foundation E

6Powder face with F

7.Apply shading from temples to lower jaw line*

8.Accentuate eyebrows with G

9.Shadow sides of nose with G

※Make Up Tools
A.Mitsuyoshi Last Lotion (Make up remover)
B.Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Toner)
C. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Milk Lotion
D.ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen
E.RMK Creamy Foundation 102 & 104
F.CHACOTT For Professionals Finishing Powder
G.INTEGRATE Eyebrow and Eye Shadow BR731

[Eye Makeup]

10.Line eyes completely using eyeliner H

11.Apply black eye shadow I over eyeliner

12.Key Point
Apply black eye shadow I over the entire eyelid and blend using the 4 shades of brown J

13.Curl eyelashes with eyelash curler, then apply mascara K

14.Apply fake lashes. (For lower lashes, place them from the outside corner until about the middle of eye.)

15.Eyes Complete!

※Make Up Tools
H.MAYBELLINE Eye Studio Lasting Drama ™ Gel Eyeliner #950BLACKEST BLACK
I.M・A・C Small Eye Shadow Carbon
J.Stila/M・A・C Small Eye Shadow
K.MAYBELLINE Volum'Express Hypercurl Waterproof 01 BLACK

16.Apply highlighter to: T-zone・Underneath eyes・Jaw・Upper lip


18.Change of clothes

[Hair styling]

19.Flatten all hair with a hair straightener.

20.While teasing hair, spray hairspray L over those areas.

※Make Up Tools
L. Cape Super Hard (hairspray)

21.【right side】Rub hair tips together and angle outwards.

22.Key Point:
【left side】Twirl tips in various directions to add depth and texture to the style
 ※Key Point for SEXINESS!

23.Using a cotton swab, apply black eye shadow I to the whole upper lip and the outer edges of lower lip. Apply lip gloss M to lower lip.


※Make Up Tools
M.NARIS UP Lip Care Essence UV

Hair&Make up:井上佳代(Kayo Inoue)

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