13 August, 2012

Twitter Stories : English Test !

Wieder etwas was unsere süßen J-Rocker so twittern xD

[Level 1]

Manabu (SCREW): in hotel now!!!zzzzz.... Correct: I'm in the hotel now! I'm sleeping...
-- Yeah, we're picky, but he got across what he wanted to say.

Daiki (LOST ASH): wait,please! Correct: Wait, please!
-- Not quite the longest sentence, but still, the use of the comma was correct.

[Level 2]
KAMIJO (Versailles): I rearranged a certain song. It's very romantic! Good night honey
Correct: Good night, honey.
-- Punctuation is quite difficult, but the sentence structure is good.

Mizuki (Sadie): Hi! I just want to say hi to the boobs all over the world! Are you guys doing great?
-- Technically neither grammar not spelling are wrong... however...HOWEVER!!!!... you get the point, right?

Takeru (SuG): I will upload movie of Lollipop Kingdom for Youtube tomorrow. I try to English a little lol. Please RT!! See u tomorrow!!
Correct: I will upload the movie of Lollipop Kingdom for YouTube tomorrow. I try to speak English a little. lol Please re-tweet! See you tomorrow.
-- Certainly 'I try to English a little' is quite a cute expression, isn't it. (laughs)

Nimo (A): Recently a little bit alcohol makes my head spin..Im waiting for my last train to go my home!Take care, me!lol
Correct: Recently a little bit of alcohol makes my head spin. I'm waiting for my last train to go home! Take care, me! Lol
-- At this point we shall not fret over grammar but be grateful that Japan is a rather safe country and Nimo made it home safely. (laughs)


Was Mizuki mit seinem >sinnvollen< Satz sagen will ?
xD Vielleicht ware r ja betrunken oder so O_o xD
Aber Takeru hat auf jeden Fall eines der niedlichsten
English~Aussprachen ~:

I try to English a little

Aww das ist jetzt wohl einer meiner Lieblingssätze geworden xD
Werd's wohl auch selbst benutzen =P

Und Manabu hat es sich mit dem ''zzzzz'' ganz einfach
gemacht XD
Kawaii ~~~<3

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