13 August, 2012

Twitter Stories : Love is in the Air : The usual suspects and virgin Mizuki !

Hier ein Tweet über SCREW und Sadie die vor kurzem ja auch erst dieses niedliche Fanservice Bild veröffentlicht haben ~ <3

Die Tweets werden hauptsächlich von Rui (SCREW) und Mizuki (Sadie) geführt *O*
Plus ein Mini Tweet von Aoi von GazettE xD

MJP Twitter Stories: Love is in The Air! The Usual Suspects and Virgin Mizuki!

-- Recently the compilation "V-ANIME ROCKS" has been released and for the occasion a special NicNico Nama program had been aired, inviting four bands who contributed to the sampler. Among them where the usual suspects of "inter-band affairs" SCREW and Sadie, with the usual perv-...uhm...representatives Byo, Rui, Mao and Mizuki. And from the very beginning it was LOVE all over the place!

Rui (SCREW): (The program) seems to become fun, right? (^_^)/ (laughs) These four are aligned in a public place!!!!!

Mizuki (Sadie): We have to hold ourselves back on dirty talk. (^0^)/

Rui: It must not even appear a little bit. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

-- Uhm...this must have been really hard. Rui also tweeted with regard to Byo and Mao: "I need to shut my mouth with gum-tape to not say anything perverted."...and eventually it didn't last...

Rui: (The program) starts soon!!

Mizuki: As for me, I am a NicoNama virgin. Please be gentle. m(_ _ )m

-- There we go...and then it simply escalated.

Rui: Thank you for your first time.

Mizuki: It was rough. *heart*

-- At this point you can think all you want and in any direction, but be aware that that is exactly what those guys are aiming for. They know what you are thinking... (O___O)
Also, don't miss the "Love Love Couple" all parties involved posted that day within the same instant. (^^;) Kissing overload!!


Aoi (the GazettE): (*゚艸゚*) ← This makes me only see Mizuki. Getting in trouble, IN TROUBLE.

-- Well, maybe that is how Mizuki gets people convinced he is such an innocent person. We shall not believe him though! His Twitter is proof enough! (*゚艸゚*)


Kyaaaaa !!!!!!
This made my day =D
OMG wie kawaii und niedlich x3
Lol Rui muss aufpassen nichts perverses zu schreiben ^0^

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