09 May, 2012


<script src="http://h2.flashvortex.com/display.php?id=2_1336580679_28991_364_0_243_91_9_2_40" type="text/javascript"></script>

 you see the code ?You must click on ''Design'' then ''Layout'' then ''Ad a new Gadged'' and then ''HTML/Javascript (scroll down you will find it)'' and then copy the code into ''HTML/Javascript'' and save it.
Now it must work, hope this helps
WARNING: Copy it WITHOUT the dashes '' at the beginning and ending
- Manabu

Ps: an meine Readers: das ist jetzt nichts wichtiges, einfach einen Flashvortex Code für nen Freund von mir.Soll ihm dabei helfen :)

KILLING ME (13 tracks) by Manabu - MixPod.com

KILLING ME (13 tracks) by Manabu - MixPod.com

Hey ~ Hier meine MEJIBRAY Playlist :)
War mal so frei und habe ine gemacht.
Hope you like it !
Enjoy ~