25 August, 2013

My favorite Anime Opening-Songs

Hey, hey~

I'm back with a list of my favorite Anime Opening songs ! ^_^

Let's start with Parallel Hearts by FictionJunction , Opening 1 of Pandora Hearts~
Such a catchy song x3
I have to admit that I'm really in love with this anime <.<
Xerxes Break is so cool ♥ I just love anime characters with white hair 8D
(Note: I haven't finished the anime yet)

Then we have Zeotrope by Nagi Yunagi, Opening of Amnesia..
She has such a beautiful voice ! *-* it sounds so cute x3
I don't know Amnesia very well, but I'll watch it later.
Shin seems to be the prettiest character along with Orion (← extremly cute)

Next we have Core Pride by Uverworld, Opening 1 of Blue Exoricist~
I wish Rin to be my brother , he's just too adorable xD
I think Opening 1 really fits, but I'm really disappointed of opening 2 .__.
One of my favorite characters are Amaimon (Broccoli Head xD) and Mephisto~


The World by Nightmare (yes, finally a band I've known for a long time !) is Death Note's Opening.
I think this Anime is well known and definetly one of my favorites ever.
L ♥ for the win. Btw my favorite is Near :P

Wolf's Rain was my first anime I've ever seen :D
So many memories ♥
Stray is sung by Steve Conte, and I really love the meaning of this song x3
By the way, I really like Kiba xD

Another is an anime I've finished some weeks ago~
(The MV is creepy as hell o.o )
Another is my first Horror Anime I've seen.. xD it was pretty cool, not THAT scary but cool :3
(I really thought Misaki Mei was a ghost or somehting)

That's it ^-^ Hope you liked it ?
See ya~~ ♥

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