02 April, 2013

Zelo's Letter

Ich hasse es meine Lieblings-Idols weinen zu sehen T___T
Besonders traurig fand ich dies hier und musste auch anfangen zu heulen...

Die Übersetzung:

Mom, Dad, do you remember? That time when I was in 5th grade, I walked round-trip for four hours from Mokpo to Gwangju to go to a place where I can feed my passion to learn music. Joon Hong fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer and stood in front of mom, dad, and hyung with the new name of B.A.P’s Zelo. Mom, Dad, I will respect you even more from now on. As 18 year-old Choi Joon Hong with the name B.A.P’s Zelo will become a really kind son to be proud of.”
credits: Allkpop

Source: HHchaan Project

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