19 August, 2012

Riuki and Ryoga's Bromance~

Awww Riuki und Ryoga die sonst auch oft miteinander zu tun haben *O*
Ich hatte mal auch mehrere Pics von den beiden zusammen, aber die muss ich erst suchen gehen O.O

(BORN) Ryouga: Having yakiniku with Ray. Mm, yummy!
(VelBet) Riuki: Aaahn (* ̄Oノ ̄*)
Ryouga: A--N
Riuki: I guess there's nothing for me (* ̄Oノ ̄*)
Ryouga: Open up wide, eat, eat!
Riuki: Well, I'll be waiting (^-^)/
Ryouga: I wanna be by your side (^_^)
Riuki: Sometimes I'll go by your side (*^ー^)ノ
Ryouga: Damn right! I'm the one who's always going to give you love.
Riuki: I know, right! From now on, I'll go give you love. And I'll buy you lots of sweets!! (^O^)/
Riuki: (・_・|
Ryouga: (∩´^д^)∩< HEEEY! HEEEEY! AHAHA!
Riuki: |(-_-)|

Awwwww kawaiii <3

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